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Physical exams can only go so far. Different lab analyses allow us to determine what's happening inside. We can draw blood for complete blood cell counts, biochemistry, various disease processes, among others, aiming to identify the best treatment. We also offer stall side blood testing that can give us an indication of health before blood work returns from the lab (serum amyloid A, lactate, IgG).


Digital Ultrasound

We can use ultrasound to set your mare up for breeding and check her throughout pregnancy. We also use it for imaging various soft tissue ailments, usually tendon and ligament injuries.


Digital Radiography

Our totally wireless system makes xrays fast and easy for everyone. Any images needing further investigation can easily be sent to a board certified radiologist who can give a full report within 24hrs.


Thermal Imaging

A specialized camera that allows us to see potential areas of inflammation, pain or asymmetry not readily found with the naked eye or regular exam. 


Gastro and respiratory.

With an endoscope, we can visualize your horse's nasal cavity, upper respiratory system or stomach. Samples and diagnostics can also be acquired with this technique.

Pro-Stride APS

Stall side system that utilizes the horse's blood to generate a concentrated solution of growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins. An alternative to intra-articular steroids.

Resitgen PRP

Stall side system that utilizes the horse's blood to generate a solution of concentrated platelets. A nice addition to the recovery process of soft tissue injuries.


Emergency Service

Most horse owners can attest to the fact that if you own horses long enough, they'll get themselves into trouble that will need your vet's help quickly. We are available 365/24/7 to assist current clients.


AGCO Official Veterinarian

Evaluate thoroughbreds on raceday mornings to determine if they are sound to race. We reevalulate them in the paddock and at the starting gate after warming up in case any minor ailments have been aggrevated. Also, we are present to respond in case of injury during the race.


Export & Coggins

If you're taking your horse to a new barn or a new country, Coggins and/or export papers will be needed.


Class IV Laser Therapy

We use this to aid in injury and wound healing. It's also helps with arthritis and chronic pain. 

Pre Purchase Examination

This exam provides the buyer with valuable information about the horse’s current condition and suitability for the buyer’s intended use.

Wellness Exams

Between the horse, you and a thorough examination, we can get a clearer picture of where any diagnostics can be directed.



Preventative medicine is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your horse's health. What vaccinations your horse should receive is based on exposure to other horses, travel, and time of year.



Parsite control has become a growing concern among veterinarians as many parasites have developed resistance to the dewormers available to us. It is now suggested we manage the horse's environment judiciously, determine parasite burden and treat parasites as necessary.



Regular dental visits are an important part of your horse's health, particularly in older horses.

We recommend powerfloating your horse's teeth annually. It allows us to safely visualize and manipulate every tooth and readily identify and correct most abnormalities.



We can set your mare up for breeding, artificially inseminate her, and see her through her pregnancy to foaling with regular ultrasound exams. We'll make sure mum, baby and you are ready for it all.


We use a number of tools to identify why your horse is lame and the best options for treatment; physical exam, watch them walk and jog (line and lunge), palpation, hoof testers, flexion, nerve & joint blocks, imaging (radiography, ultrasound).


If you require routine castration for your colt, we provide the services needed to safely geld your horse.



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